The Little Big Horn Ride

The battle of greasy grass

The Little Big Horn Ride from 6- 20-26 2010 in the state of Montana.


There are many counts of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, for us, these stories will be told to us along the way; as part of the re-kindling the Human spirit, of who we are, we must remember, we are native to this land. Not truly American’s, but force assimilation to a culture born out greed and occupation of those, who had experience such.

One must remember the history to better brace oneself, from those, who had have forgotten, who have assumed an identity not there own, but wear it proudly “Americanism”.

This battle was a stand for survival against the United States Policy for extermination of Native people from their native land. We ride for our honor as human being and remembering, those who gave their life at the Battle Field. For their generations that are not among us, and who will never see, today changes from taking that stand against United States Army and governance


This is the first day of travel to the Ashland Montana, to meet an old friend Dan Carlson, and his family, who for the last three years gave there home place for us to camp? Dan always would provide the coming together meals and introduction, was always glad to see us.


It is an exciting day for all riders and horse, that are making, their way to Sharp Conner, South Dakota. I am a little late, by one minute, the older riders are getting a cup of Wakalapi “ coffee, for the road. “ an thought had occurred to me, I am older rider, I am taking Davis Yellow Bull, who is our grandson, but Delores and I have raised him since he was seventeen day’s old”. Now he is going to ride his horse “little Red” since Little Red has been on many Little Big Horn Rides. It was a good choice for Davis, Little Red doesn’t shy and freight very easy. It would give him a good experience for Davis on the horse ride. Davis is very excited as we were getting ready to go Davis would asked are we at Montana yet?.

Now, the word is sounded to start moving toward the roadway, everyone, who is driving horse trailer know that today Marvin Goings and older rider is taking the lead in our caravan toward Montana. Our relatives offer a words to drive safe, be careful, and give blessing.

It is good day, we placed vehicle with no lights, in the middle, again we prepare for the South Dakota Highway Patrol and Local Law enforcement outside the Indian reservation. Our tribal Law enforcement Stop an give us words of good luck, and be careful, this is important for us, know that we will meet those who over generation and time been told of the Indian wars and that Indian are bad people. We are in good spirits and together will make a stand, if, we are stop, we will all stop together. We are in the mode of looking out for each other and everyone must be aware of everyone who is going and where, they were last seen in the Caravan.

We are nearing Rapid City South Dakota When our lead vehicle Marvin Goings Horse trailer had Tire blow out, everyone stop and it was a young lady, who was changing the tire. Shorty mention it as “He said look at all the warriors are standing around”.

The horse trailer tire was fixed, Marvins was going to an Wal-mart and the rest would wait at a truck stop called flying J just west of Rapid City.

As we stop at the Flying were still repair lights and horse trailers lens so that we won’t get stop on along the way. We waited for an hour and proceed to leave the Truck stop.

Our next stop is Bellchue South Dakota, to fill our gas tank for it will be a long journey to Broadus Montana, and on to Ashland. We arrived again we stop to get sandwich product for the whole crew and water. We are again, together on the parking lot of parmida store, the youths are pulling Marvin horse off horse trailer, as he again fixes his horse trailer tire.

Now; on to Broadus; there is storm ahead in the west, again marvin had a tire blow, in away, it may have been time right. The storm hit the ground rain and hail, we had to drive slow, we continue on. “ Montana or Bust” a few miles, we gaining speed, tail to tail, when we hit water crossing on and over the highway, we all skimmed across the water with without any accidents. Whew! “Change your underwear type of situation”.

We finally made Ashland sky are cleared and Dan Carlson is waiting, the horse are put into pen and we made our camp. I greeted Dan and gave him a knife as a gift, he smile, it is tradition to offer a gift.

A prayer is said for the meal and a song for all those who at the camp site, they sing though out the meal. It is good sound during the meal and flash back this how it must have been, when we camp in the hills Montana with allies Cheyenne’s. Hau ho!

It time to prepared the little one’s for sleeps. “Woplia for a good day”


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