Wounded Knee 2010


By Wendell Yellow Bull

Pine Ridge South Dakota The Sunka Wakan na Wakanyeja Awicaglipi Riders are preparing for The Big Foot Memorial Riders. To prepare for such Horse Ride, there are many meeting that are held on the Pine ridge Indian Reservation.

We are preparing ourselves, also with warm gear and horse gear, horse trailers need to be repaired and prepared for the cold weather.

A reflection on my part, I would be reminded by the accounts told by my grandfather William Horn Cloud. That my great-grandfather Joseph Horn Cloud was there at the Wound Knee Massacre, one account that always struck in my mind, was that night before the shooting took place, Joseph was told by one of the soldier to leave the camp, there is something bad going to happen boy! “A United States soldier said”

My grandfather is named William Dewy Horn Cloud, he must have named after his uncle William Horn Cloud who was killed at the Wounded Knee Massacre. It was much, Later Joseph Horn Cloud, who pursued a claimed against the United States Government along with many others. My grand father told of a story of the first time, he had seen a model-T Ford. It was some, what foreign to them, they live a county life in Potatoes Creek. To see such a vehicle put them in a scared mode, they ran to the house.

Now that our family, we will be part of this Horse Ride for generation, for generation to come, our little guy Davis Yellow Bull this will be his first Wounded Knee Memorial Horse Ride,. He is very excited and like many others, it coming closer for travel day which will be on the 12-22-10 to Bridger, South Dakota.

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